[DT3beta1] Smart Rules: Notifications / Bounce Dock Icon not working?

As stated in the subject, the Display Notification and Bounce Dock Icon Smart Rule actions do not seem to work for me. And yes, I do have notifications for DEVONthink 3 enabled in System Preferences → Notifications!

While I’m on the subject of minor issues with Smart Rules:

  • If I right-click (or ⌃-click) on an item in the sidebar and chose New Smart Rule…, that item is pre-filled in the Search in field of the predicate editor (as it should be).

  • However, if I right click on an item under Favorites in the sidebar and create a new smart rule, the item is not filled into Search in.

These options work only if the app is inactive (macOS’ limitations).

Aha! Interesting! Thanks for the clarification!