DT3beta3, macOS Catalina beta3, and ABBYY OCR crash?

I know it’s all still in beta -
but have anyone else on DTbeta3 and macOS beta3 gotten OCR to work?

It crashes in Catalina. I sent a bug report and they confirmed it. They told me will be resolved in next beta.

However, I’ve stopped using Catalina/iOS 13 due some severe risks in relation to database synchronization.

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OCR still crashes with DEVONthink Beta 4 and Catalina Beta 4.

I think @rfog meant next beta of ABBYY?

No, I only told what support told me. I don’t use much integrated OCR. If still crashes, perhaps it is because between DT3b3 and DT3b4 Apple released a new beta…

If macOS final versions are really betas, you have to flee like the plague of betas macOS, which are really alpha.

Can you create a support ticket and send the crash log

Just did that, ticket number is 986294. :slight_smile: