DT3Beta6: Ability to select all items of a color in RichText doc would be a BIG help

I pasted about 6500 characters of C++ code into an online syntax highlighter (https://tohtml.com/cpp/).
I tried several of their color theme (selected from from a pulldown menu on the page), copying the highighted HTML each iteration into a DT36 Rich Text document, created with macOS in dark mode.

Many of the color schemes did not work at all. The automatic color inversion scheme DevonThink applies in dark mode, is still a bit too limited in many situations to be really practical (which you’ll quickly see if you try what I described above).

If DevonThink allowed a user to select a color and then have an option to select all items in the document of the identical color, they could easily change all occurrences of that color to another color. Without an automatic way to select items by color (or even cooler but less essential, would be by any formatting characteristic) trying to hand select each occurrence becomes prohibitively tedious and error prone.

Then users could have a realistic option to tweak a document color by color and compensate for the dark mode algorithm. It would just be a fantastic feature in general, and hopefully not too much of a development project for you guys to consider. I think it would be high bang for buck in terms of user appreciation.

That’s the main request. I think it would be interesting if one could bring up a palette in a scoll list of color swatches of all the colors in the document, and select the color in the list (palette) and change them and it would in real time update the matching color everyone in the document. That would make it a real breeze for people to recolor their document and get them just how they like them. But if that’s not practical, at least please consider adding the former requested feature.


The request is noted, with no promises, of course.