DT3P creating double docs in inbox

Hi, probably an easy question here but the solution is eluding me.

I often send web pages to my inbox from Safari to be turned automatically into pdfs. When I do that, DT3P always makes two copies of every doc. I’m sure this is a setting in preferences but I’m not sure which one. How can I stop it?

Thanks very much (and sorry for such a lowbrow question…).

Today the same in DTTG.
Yesterday I have duplicated 4 files in DTTG to another databases inbox.
Today I looked into the inbox of the other database and found each file with two copies.

The duplication of groups to another database works fine.


@mjnnyc How are you sending the page to DT? Are both resulting documents “PDF + Text”? I’m guessing you have automatic OCR turned on in the preferences, but at the same time haven’t turned on “original: move to trash” (see page 165 of the DEVONthink Manual).


No worries and not lowbrow at all!

I fiddled around with this some more. I usually send things to DT by using the “share” button at the top of the browser page.

Doing that, I run into two frustrations: (1) the creation of double docs and (2) the refusal of the share button’s response sheet to create a pdf of some (many!) web pages.

Re #1: the setting in preferences under the OCR tab to move original document to the trash has had no effect. IF (see #2) a pdf is created by my using the share button, two are created. I did notice, though, that if I insert a comment on the doc, only one receives a comment. And they are filed in different folders (“open in Finder”). Paths are “folder x” and “folder y” under “/Users/moi/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink 3/Inbox.dtBase2/Files.noindex/pdf/4/file.pdf” and the other is “…pdf/5/file.pdf”

#2 is also vexing to me. Many pages I send to create pdf but it instead creates a weblink, which is useless to me and I hate because it requires at least another step to convert it to a pdf (though obviously I could automate it I don’t want to until I understand why it’s working this way). I don’t know what the commonality is that triggers either response…

Hopefully this makes sense. This kind of complexity makes me want to run away from using DT3. It just isn’t doing what I want it to do and my use profile is BASIC. I’m doing nothing complicated here.

Re #2: see here; it might be helpful if you could provide a URL or two of pages you are having trouble with. In general, capturing webpages is pretty hit and miss in my experience (and I’m not just talking DT here); one of the pages I regularly capture, for example, only reliably captures as HTML; so I have a smart rule which recognises those captures and then performs Convert & Continue to PDF (One Page).

Re #1: I can’t reproduce what you are describing; I can, for example, capture this thread by clicking on the share button, selecting PDF (Paginated) in the sorter which opens after clicking the share button, and I get a single PDF in my inbox. Do you have any smart rules active at all? If so, do any of them act on incoming PDFs? Are the file names of both PDFs identical? Are the “Kind” of both PDF identical (PDF? PDF + Text?)?