DT3Pro Beta1 - summarise highlights is incomplete


I really welcome the Summarize Highlights feature, but at present the actual text captured is not the complete text highlighted.

  • Launch DTPro 3
  • Highlight text in PDF
  • Choose Tools > Summarize Highlights
  • A new RTF file is created in the same group called ‘Summary’.
  • Reviewing the contents:
    -----There are correct page numbers with links which work
    -----The captured text is incomplete, there are other words which do not appear.
    -----The captured text is highlighted.
    -----There is no back link from the summary to the original PDF. But there is a back link to the summary document in the PDF.

I’d expect a two-way backlink but glad the page numbers work.
I’d need the text to be complete and preferably unformatted, ie no highlights.


This is a known issue and will be fixed by beta 2.

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