dtBase2 vs. dtCloud

What is the difference between the 2 filetypes dtBase2 vs. dtCloud?

Actual database (.dtBase2) vs sync store for syncing with other devices (.dtCloud).

Why do you ask? Is there something you want to do with these files?

I’ve been having some problems with my syncing. One db in particular doesn’t have the same items in it as the other of the same name. When I got looking around I found 2 dtcloud files and didn’t remember making one of them and one of them had different sizes on each of the two computers. And they’re very big files, even the smaller one at 660mb or so.

On the Mac Pro

On the MacBook Pro

So I wondered what they might have to do, if anything, with the Sync Problem.

Got any ideas?


Yes, open a ticket with Support – the forum is not a good place to solve technical problems. Click Help, press Option and click Report Bug