.dtCloud vs. .dtSyncStore ?

I’ve a .dtSyncStore established for some time syncing several databases. After testing webdav based syncing in DTtG2 i found this creates a .dtCloud file.

Can a .dtSyncStore file be used to sync DTtG2 against? Otherwise i’ve to maintain two syncing locations for the same content…

Currently i cannot test this as the older .dtSyncStore is in a subdirectory on the webdav drive and the DTtG2 settings do not allow me to add a path to the sync file as it seems.

Best regards

.dtSyncStore sync stores were used by the old synchronization of DEVONthink up to v2.8.11, they’re not compatible anymore to DEVONthink 2.9.x and DEVONthink To Go 2.

Can I assume that after updating to DTPO 2.9.x that the old .dtSyncStore files are now useless and should be deleted?

Yes. That is correct. Delete away.