DTG item upload issue / recovery options

Hello All;

As others have posted elsewhere, I have the reoccurring ‘xx items left to be uploaded’ log entry persistently popping up in DTtG, and while there is much elsewhere about how to troubleshoot such, more specifically, I wanted to ask if there’s any way to identify the specific pending items in question?

I can find which databases are affected by this issue by fiddling with my syncs, but the trail goes cold there- is there any way on either the mac (which has some recent missing manifest errors) or the iPad to find out which specific items are pending? My files do get backed up, but i’ve added a rather large number of new files lately, and cant ID the missing files from the outside in.

I do a lot of my ingress processing on my iPad, and between the recent point release, CloudKit uptime issues, and my recent file volume (slow & steady is much more reliable I’ve found), I fear that something may actually have gotten lost in the kerfluffle.

Do you use more than one sync location? Are all contents downloaded to DEVONthink To Go or do your databases contain not yet downloaded items (see smart groups)?

Ah, sorry. My setup is an M1 Mac Mini on the latest OS & DT app versions; with 14 databases totaling 360 gigs locally, mostly PDFs and other doc formats, stored on the local SSD. The iPad is an older iPads Pro also running the latest OS and app versions; sync is mostly On Demand.

And do you use more than one sync location?

Just CloudKit between the one Mac and the iPad; I’ve used DTtG on my phone before, but that seemed to cause issues. I haven’t been using Bonjour, tho i’m picking up it may be better when local

As there are probably lots of not yet downloaded files on your iPad, it’s currently not possible to figure out which ones might cause the issue. However, only the logging is new since version 3.8.3 and we will improve this in upcoming releases again.

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That’s the best we can hope for; keep up the good work.

You could also try this on the Mac:

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Tried that but found nothing directly useful, my Mac availability has been limited today.

I’ve been combing though the databases, hunting recently added items that wont download- got 5 out of 6 in the first one. Tally Ho!

I greatly appreciate your replies; thanks

Ah, and the solution for finding the missing/unsynced files, at least with my above config, is to compare the group item counts between DTG and DTGtG- the ‘stuck’ items pending upload show up on the iPad, but not on the Mac, and can’t be downloaded from CloudKit.