DTG log - where to find it?

Hello all, I’m getting my iPhone 12 DTG log filled with “skipped empty file” entries, which is very annoying but I suppose harmless. Suppose these have something to do with spotlight, but I do want to look at the files see if there’s anything I can do (to them).

Anyone knows how to get to the iPhone’s DTG log file?


In DEVONthink To Go, select Help > Contact Us to start a support ticket but don’t send it. The log files are in the draft email though I can’t say it will show the data you’re looking for.

That’s great Jim, many thanks! - a silly question: I generated a draft, and substituted my own email, but can’t seem to be able to actually send it - “send” arrow grayed out - what am I doing wrong?

Hmm… I’m not seeing any issue.
Are you using Apple’s Mail app on iOS?

Ah, that’s the issue, yes. I’m using the Gmail app - do I need to re-activate Apple Mail?

If you need to actually open a ticket via that mechanism, yes.
I think we have an issue on file to investigate the possibility of supporting other email clients in iOS, but nothing in place now.

Thanks Jim! - I re-instated Mail, and emailed myself the logs, and yes, the skipped files are all in there, now for some regex cleanup :slight_smile:

So seems like all skipped files are weblocs - what happens to them? (out of curiosity, really)


You’re welcome.

now for some regex cleanup :slight_smile:

How are you using regex for a cleanup?

So seems like all skipped files are weblocs - what happens to them?

If these are old files, it could be an issue from potential issue in a previous version of sync in DEVONthink To Go.

regex, I just need to crop the datetime part (e.g. “2021-06-28 06:52:51,796”), and then de-dupe in BBEdit.
I am getting lazy, so just using a rectangular selection and scrolling…

But if you do have the expression handy, hey, I would appreciate not having to write one (mushy Monday brains)


Is he cropping unrelated to the skipped files issue?

And what are you cropping to?

I believe so, all I need is to get the webloc names, then dedupe. There’s probably a million smarter ways of doing this, I’m just a bit foggy today.

So from below, just isolating

Historic Polar Images, 1845-1982, from the Scott Polar Research Institute.webloc
Belkin - my best FM stations.webloc


2021-06-27 23:57:54,481 WARNING: DTRecord <825DDA52-568A-44A3-9A66-32B066073AEE> (/watch read listen/Sources Sites/Archives and Museums/Historic Polar Images, 1845-1982, from the Scott Polar Research Institute.webloc/) (Skipped empty file.)
2021-06-27 23:57:54,495 ERROR: Skipped empty file /var/mobile/Containers/Data/Application/BC4AA5EF-7BD1-409E-953C-7E99CC79102C/Library/Caches/TemporaryItems/DEVONcloudy 3156/Main Thread/1/Belkin - my best FM stations.webloc

Hi Jim, sorry to resurrect this thread - I’m still getting tons of empty skipped files.
I notice they are often pretty old weblocs. By searching for them in DTG or DT, the URLs are valid, but many (but not all) lead to expired pages, etc. I assume DTG is not complaining about the expired pages, is that correct?

Some of these are ghosts - I can’t find a matching webloc.

How can I manage this - other than manually going webloc by webloc?

@BLUEFROG bumping this one

They may be old and not have resource forks.
And no it’s not complaining about invalid URLs.

Thanks Jim - I’ve been inspecting the weblocs, most if not all still seem to have their resource forks - however, It’s above my pay grade to be able if these have been corrupted :frowning: here’s an example attached

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket and we can look at the logs. Thanks.

Tx Jim, just did it.