DTG search function for all databases not showing - refresh instead?

Hi all,

DTG3 states that for a search you’ll need to lightly pull down the most left pane and that then a search bar occurs. However, whenever I do this, DTG3 just refreshes. I do not get a search bar.

One pane to the right I get to search, but only the topic/database that is selected in the most left pane (i.e. tags, a specific database, favorites etc).

Only by force closing the app I’m (sometimes) able to search in all databases in the middle pane (i.e. one pane right from the most left pane).

I do not see how to consistently be able to get a proper search function in the app. Am I missing something here?

Which device and iOS version are you using?

iPad Pro 2020, iOS version 15.6

DEVONtech recently confirmed (in the German language section of the forum - here - that the first pane in DTTG on iPad does not contain a search bar.

The search bar on the next pane does offer to search in all databases if you have selected any database in the first pane:

The same option is not offered if you have selected one of the smart groups:

The reading list doesn’t offer search at all.

If DTTG does behave differently for you, it would be helpful if you could post screenshots; I assume you are using DTTG 3.5.2?