DTG syn problems


I am having recurrent sync problems syncing between DevonthinkPro Office ver 2.9.8 on a Mac Pro running 10.12.1 and the latest version of DTTG on my iPhone 6S running the latest versions of everything.

I initially synced successfully several times and have all my data on my iPhone. But, now every time I try to sync to add new data I have added to the database, I get an error. phone wifi on. phone and mac pro on same network.

To sync, I open DTTG, tap the little cloud icon at the bottom, within a few seconds, then cloud get a little triangle symbol over it. When I tap it again, I get the following log message:

xxxxxxx@dale-mac-pro-tower (server busy)

As to DevonThink, under prefs, sync, bonjour options… , next to that it says “Incoming connections: Available”

Synchronize: Automatic
Max connections: 16

Any ideas?


Dale Allen

Please start a Support Ticket. Thanks!