DTGO as document provider -> PDF

The new DEVONthink To Go as a document provider functionality is really great !!!
Thank you very much for this feature !!!

Together with numbers I can now edited all my DT spreadsheets on my ipad and the changes will automatically save in DTGO.

However, I’m looking now for a similar functionality with an external pdf annotation tool.

With “Documents” it is possible to open a pdf document but the changes will not save back to DTGO. MarginNote will also only import the pdf.

My question: Is there already a pdf editor with supports the new functionality comparable to Numbers?

Reallly cool is the possibility to put OmniOutliner documents in DevonThink. Edited documents on the mac will sync on this way to the ipad and can used in OmniOutliner for iOS. Changes will save back to DT.

First, confirm that you are using the document provider ‘Open’ function in Documents, instead of sending the PDF to Documents using the Share extension.

If that is your process, what changes are not being saved back? This feature does work-just tested it with the document provider release version of DEVONthink to Go. Opened a PDF from DEVONthink to Go in Documents, edited the PDF, changes are reflected in DEVONthink to Go, and then sync back to DEVONthink Pro Office.

I repeated my test now exactly as described - and now it works.

Thank you very much for your help. I’m not sure what I have doing wrong.
I’m very satisfied now because “Douments” is my preferred annotating tool.

However, it think it is necessary to follow a certain workflow:

  1. Annotating the document in “Documents” (opening as described above)
  2. After finishing the work it should be necessary to return to DTGO and to start the sync progress

It seems that the changed document will only synced back to dropbox when I explicit open DTGO. It will not happen after finishing annotating work with “Documents” without returning to DTGO

I expect that is correct. I only sync via Bonjour, so I have to return to DEVONthink to Go in order to sync. I always close the PDF in Documents first, but that step may not be necessary-haven’t tested it myself.

I use PDF Expert and it works nicely.

Short story: Greg’s process of closing the document before syncing DTTG2 is probably the safest approach.

I have tested this with Documents and DTTG2. If the doc (a PDF) is “open” in both apps (i.e., its content is displayed) I can annotate the PDF in Documents, switch over to DTTG, and the annotation immediately appears in DTTG2. We’re working on the same instance of the file and the display is updated at once.

However, it doesn’t work the other way around. If, again, both apps are displaying the same PDF and I enter “Edit” mode in DTTG2 and add an annotation, the view in Documents is not updated. In fact, if I proceed to make an annotation in Documents, the “edit” in I made in DTTG2 disappears.

I am assuming that by opening the document in Documents via the document provider, that iOS gives Documents control until it is closed. Saves are automatic, updates are unidirectional.

How exactly other apps handle ‘open’ documents is completely up to them. DTTG2 just provides the file access. Unfortunately different apps has different ideas how to do it (e.g. saving immediately vs. saving on closing the document).

GoodReader only imports a copy. Is it time to buy PDF expert?
DTTG does a nice Job for annotations itself … will PDF expert give me any advantage over that?

I like the reading experience in PDF Expert. It recognizes the zoom factor while reading and remember it, when you turn the page, it automaticillay turns to the above left corner to continue reading. And it shows a real full page without any bars or menues unlike DTGO.

Is the function “Open with” using in DTGO working in the same was?

e.g. select an pdf, choose “open with” PDF expert, make annotations and they are reflected to DTGO.

No, this does not work the same as the document provider.