DTP 1.5, Safari 3 and OSX 10.4.10, any problems?


I’m using DTP 1.3.3, Safari 2.0.4 and Mac OSX 10.4.10…

I just wanted to update to DTP 1.5 and Safari 3 (I’m just so tired of being stuck to Safari 2)… Have any users had any problems with this setup? Is DTP 1.5 compatible with 10.4.10?

Thanks a lot.

And now the most recent OS X 10.4 version is 10.4.11. :slight_smile:

I think you will like DT Pro 1.5. You can update to DT Pro 1.5 anyway, in your current OS/Safari version.

You probably won’t experience problems with Safari 3 and the more recent WebKit unless you use Download Manager to “suck down” entire Web sites, or use a lot of WebArchive captures. (I rarely use either of those capture modes.) There are still some bugs in Apple’s WebKit.

When users report that a certain page causes a crash when captured as a WebArchive, I test-capture that page as a WebArchive, and haven’t had any problems under Leopard. I’m running DT Pro Office under Leopard 1.5.1. But the critical factor may be that I have absolutely no Input Manager plugins installed on my computer. I’ve installed several on my computer for test purposes and in each case have found problems or Console error messages that could only be cured by removing the plugin.