DTP 2.0 timeline?

Can someone sum up in one post approximately when 2.0 is due and what features/changes are planned for the next major version? Also, will it be a paid upgrade or is it included in the 1.x license?

I’m just looking for generalizations. I’m not looking to nail any deadlines to the wall, but are we talking next month? Six months? Two years?


You’ve seen several features noted: changed database structure with transparent conversion of existing databases, more powerful search operators, more speed, concurrent databases, lower memory requirement, Spotlight indexing.

There will be an upgrade charge. It will be a major upgrade with heavy development resources involved.

So we will comply and not nail any deadline. It won’t be next month. It won’t take two years. And just as DT PE received incremental improvements during the development of DT Pro, DT Pro 1.x has had incremental improvements related to the development of version 2.0 during the development process. Some of those incremental improvements may not be obvious but have contributed to speed, automation and stability.

That’s just about what I was looking for. Thanks.

If you could hear my voice right now, it would be very, very gentle and quiet. Like I’m trying to not sound like an ass who refuses to shut up even when it is very clear to everyone else in the room that he should have shut up a long time ago…

Am I correct in therefore presuming that until 2.0 is released we will not see any major new features? I’m not complaining about speed and stability improvements: I’m just asking.

Is 2.0 sufficiently well-defined that you have (internally) a specific target date for feature-completeness? (The alternative is that you’re still laying groundwork and thus can’t yet set a date.) It is great if you have a date. It is perfectly acceptable to not yet have a target date.

Here’s part of why I ask: if 2.0 is still untargeted, and if 2.0 will be the next chance for feature addition, I will channel my effort into creating some muscle-memory to make DEVONthink work best in my current environment. If new features (that might solve some of my frustrations) are coming in, say, the next six months, I will hold off until the improvements come.