DTP 2.0b, Import Mailbox from Entourage - Search issue

I used a script provided with my installation to “add mailbox to DEVONthink” from Entourage. This happened successfully, however when I perform a search from within DTP, it seems as though the body of the email is not used in search. For instance, I have a registration email from OmniGroup for OmniFocus in my database. If I search on the word “omni”, a search result is returned due to the return address. However, if I search on the word “focus” I get nothing, even though it is in the body of the email. Is this a limitation of DTP? Would this function appropriately in DTPO? Or have I done something incorrect altogether?

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve only been using DTP for about 2 days so I’m really new to it. I’m currently in the evaluation stage, trying to determine if I can fit it into my own workflow.

The Pro Office version is able to index the contents of a mail message for searching. You can give it a try and always go back to the Pro version, they are completely compatible.

After playing around with the DTPO, it look as though the Entourage AppleScript that comes with DTP is the culprit. If I do an Import…Mail from within DTPO, the body is fully searchable. However, if I use that script to “Move mailboxes to DEVONthink” to DTPO, the body contents are not searchable.

The result of that script running is that I can not search the email bodies in DTP nor DTPO.