DTP 2.9.10 - instapaper

Since DTP 2.9.10 my webarchive with instapaper doesn´t work anymore.

error message:

connection to server could not be established

Anybody has an answer for me?


What do you mean? You have a webarchive file that does not display its content? You are trying to use the Clipper to save a webarchive with the Instapaper option, and that fails?

Over here I can do both things with DTPO 2.9.10, FWIW.

Or did you mean something else?

yes, I set the Instapaper otion.

the result is:
connection to server could not be established

A screencapture of the error may be helpful. Thanks.

Are you running Little Snitch or something (like a proxy) that blocks site access?

I am not able to save from Chrome to DevonThink “reformat with instapaper” option — after saving to a DevonThink DB and clicking the item, an Instapaper login page appears. Logging in doesn’t get me anywhere — no useful information and the login option appears whenever I click on the item.

Is this a known issue?

Yes. It’s an Instapaper issue and already being discussed. Instapaper now requires a login