DTP 2.9 and Mail 9.3 OSX 10.11.6 Scriptproblem

I’ve got a problem with the Mailscript “Add message(s) & attachments to DevonThink”, sometimes on running this script and a .PDF is part of the attachements I get an error stating “Mail hat einen Fehler erhalten. Fehler in der AppleEvent-Routine”. This happens only on certain PDFs, but I can’t tell the diverence between them. All scripts have been removed and reinstalled, during the install mail was not running, the computer has been restarted.

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As much I hate to answer my own questions, here I am.
All PDFs are bigger than 750kb, inside the inbox of an IMAP-Server.
If I move those mails in a different folder on the Server or local I can
run the script ans everything is fine, so I think it must be a caching problem of apple mail.

I hope this helps! :unamused:

For best performance with Applescript or File > Import > Email…, your emails should be always stored locally, not on the mail server.