DTP 2 beta : About Spotlight and Quicklook

Dear community and DEVON team,

Before writtin the long post about DEVONthink Pro 2 beta user experience, interface desin and usability (it will be long!), I would like to ask another question : can Spotlight “see” and index the files stored into the database package? Is the Spotlight plugin the only way to search for DTP content via the Finder ?

I know that DEVONThink search is great, and that “we don’t need Spotlight”, but I think that having access to the database files “directly” via Spotlight would add a nice appeal and integration with other workflows. Mainly, I’ve found that Quick Look has given a new appeal to working directly with files in the Finder, letting the user to interact with very dissimilar kinds of files in a very consistent way. Just hit SPACE and preview Office, iWork, PDF, RTF, HTML, video, audio, OmniOutliner (nice QL plugin!), ZIP files, even Markdown files.

I think about iPhoto. It stores the photos inside a package, but we still can access them (don’t know how) by Spotlight querys, including metadata. We can see the images in the Finder, by Coverflow, icon preview and Quick Look.

I would like to know if the same thing could be possible, if it is planned as a feature for the final release.

Thanks a lot,


Only if the “Create Spotlight Index” option is enabled.

The Spotlight results for DEVONthink do not yet support Quick Look.