DTP 2 Inbox Box Not A Global Inbox

My Inbox will not accept any document dragged to the Sorter Inbox. Deleted preferences; reinstalled DTP2 and problem continues.Assistance will be appreciated.

As noted in the Upgrader’s Guide (on the download disk image), the Global Inbox is not yet activated in the current public beta. It will be activated in an upcoming release.

Content you have dragged into the Global Inbox is stored at ~/Library/Application Support/DEVONthink Pro 2/Inbox/. You may capture it into your database from that location, or leave it there until the upcoming release that activates the Global Inbox, in which case it will be imported.

You may drag database Inboxes and’/or groups into empty slots in the Sorter, and they will be functional in the current beta.

I’ll ask again:

Any reason it can’t be temporarily disabled instead of causing ongoing confusion and questions?