DTP 3.0 -- conservative approach?

Hi – I’m relying on my current DTPO 2.X install at the moment for some critical stuff – for the non-thrill seekers out there is it best to wait for the full release of 3 before making the jump?

Apologies for what seems like a “well, duh” type of question, but just wanting to get the official line and/or the experiences of other users as to stability.

Thanks in advance

We do not advocate using betas in production environments or with mission-critical data. The choice is up to the individual, but the risk is theirs as well.
The conservative approach to running the beta is to use a separate user account and test data or copies of data.

I think the less conservative, but still not a thrill-seeking approach, would be to make sure to have lots of backups (Time Machine). Well, you should be doing that anyhow :slight_smile:

It’s still a risk with mission-critical stuff, but at least you are unlikely to actually lose anything (except time, if something goes wrong). In my case, I’m an indexer, so everything is backed up AND easy to keep track of–as soon as I see a file discrepancy, I can easily get things sorted.

Thanks for the replies. I think I’ll just keep with 2 for the moment and then move to 3 when it’s out of beta.

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That’s definitely the safest and most conservative approach. :wink:

For anyone else stumbling upon this, a separate user account means a separate macOS user account, I think. I’m a bit dense, and installed the beta, thinking I could then create some sort of separate DEVONthink user account, which wasn’t the case. I ran into one reason you’d want to run the beta in a separate macOS user account - I clicked on a menu option (I think it was one of my custom views in the “Go” menu), forgetting what it was for, and the beta opened my non-testing databases.

Indeed, and I should be more clear about that.
It is indeed a separate macOS Account, created in System Preferences > Users & Groups.

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Hi, I have created a separate test user on my macbook. After installing Devonthink 3 from the dmg file , the Mail Bundle in my productive user account with Devonthink Pro Office on same machine was changed to “Devonthink 3”. I have tried it several times but with same result. Only solution was to delete Devonthink 3 completely.

Any suggestions ?

It’s actually the same bundle but if both editions are installed, then version 3 is used. Installing version 3 only in the folder ~/Applications of your test user account should help.

Not working ! I have removed Devonthink 3 completly and reinstalled Mail Bundle for Version 2. Worked.
Afterwards I have copied Devonthink 3 from the dmg to my users application folder on different user account and restarted it in this test account.

Log off and logged in to my normal user account. Redirection to version 3 alive.

Any ideas ? Maybe I have done some mistake in removing ? I just moved it to the trash with my admin account and emptied the bin.

Thanks for your support!