DTP 3.9.3 breaks the apple script command ocr from

Interesting. If I do this (on an M1 MacBook Air, still on Ventura)

tell application id "com.devon-technologies.think3"
	set rec to first item of selected records
	set p to path of rec
	set newRec to ocr file p
end tell

script editor tells me

Zeilenende, etc. erwartet, aber Klassenname gefunden.

and highlights file in the ocr call. If I use (file p) instead, the script “compiles”, but when I run it, I get

error “„DEVONthink 3“ hat einen Fehler erhalten: Fortfahren nicht möglich: ocr.” number -1708

Edit In the meantime, I updated the Abbyy software from within DT, but that didn’t change anything for the script. And I tried this in JavaScript (app.ocr({file: record.path()}) which gave the notorious run-time error “parameter missing” (huh?). Similarly with convertImage({record: record}). Something is decidedly weird here.

All this with a JPG stored inside DT. I tried converting it to PDF+Text in DT itself, which was successful after I gave DTOCRHelper access to my Documents folder (weird enough, as this folder was not involved at all at this moment).