DTP 3 not showing folders in Database tho DTP) 2 shows them clearly?

loving the new DTP 3… dipped into the beta a bit on and off, but now have purchased and dwonlaoed the full version. really like it!
…but… i have a problem. one of my databases does not seem to be read in the new v3. I only get images / pdfs / duplicates - none of the file structure is replicted - I opened again in DTPO 2 and all the folders are there!
I repaired database but the problem persisits…
see screenshots (ps screen shot both from v3, but shows the arcive database (not showing folders) and the new database which shows folders clearly (as does the arcive in v2)

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That’s very strange on the face of things.
I’m curious if you’ve held the Option key and selected File > Restore Backup. What is shown and what happens if you selected the previous date?

Could you post a screenshot of Key Client Work-Archive in DEVONthink Pro 2 too? Or send a zipped copy of the database to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com so that we could reproduce this? Thanks.

thanks for replies, sorry for delay was out of the office
will send you a direct email - the problem still persists. i can open the datavase fine in DTPO 2 but when I open it in 3 only the smart groups are visible…
eamil to follow with link to zipped version of database
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reply from christian in support. i created the problem… now sorted. Thanks for speedy support!

thanks for the archive and the screenshots! All your groups are located in the inbox of your database which is actually an unusual setup. In version 3 by default all inboxes (both the global one and the local ones of each database) are shown in the sidebar (see section Globals > Inboxes). But you can switch to the old style by disabling the option to show inboxes only in the sidebar (see Preferences > General).

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Christian Grunenberg (Technology and Application Development)