DTP and DA crash when rendering scanned PDFs

Does anyone have any idea why both DTP and DEVONAgent should crash when attempting to render a PDF scanned from a document? I’m scanning using a Lexmark P1350 printer/scanner, and it happens with PDFs made with both Image Capture and Lexmark’s own All In One Centre app. I should add that Preview, Safari and Skim have the same problem, but PDFPen and PDFClerk handle the same PDFs with no problem at all. To begin with I thought it was happening only with multipage docs, as not all the affected apps crashed with single page scans, but DTP has just done this.

I won’t try everyone’s patience by attaching the DTP crash log here, but can obviously post or mail it if anyone is interested.



Do you have ShapeShifter on your computer? If so, remove it and restart.

If no, attach a crash log to a message to Support.