DTP and Time Machine (or other backup software)

I know that backing up an open database is always a risky thing. The file in the backup might be in an inconsistent state and therefor unable to use.

How “save” is an open DTP database when an hourly Time Machine run tries to make a backup? Will the backup be useable?

I would rather keep it simple and include my DTP databases in the normal backup strategie (different media, onsite and offsite) than handle it with an own additional script routine. (Closing DTP each time a backup kicks in would be no solution for me.)

Thanks in advance.

It’s safe as long as you’re not modifiying the database concurrently.

hello christian,

thanks for the quick response.

Modifying means, moving things in DTP, saving things but not searching, right?
What would happen in case? Would Time Machine simply skip the whole database? (I assume DTP will lock its files during modification.) Or would it backup the database partly (and therefor unusable)?

Sorry for troubling you with these questions, but backups should not be based on assumptions (based on my lack of knowledge) or luck.


That’s correct.

As DEVONthink uses several files, the copy might be unusable.