DTP as a RSS reader with Fever?

I use Fever on my hosted server to manage my RSS feeds. Currently, I have to have a separate piece of “reader” software to manage those Fever RSS feeds offline (Readkit, etc.).

It would be great if DTP could go to my Fever server and download my feeds, let me read them in DTP, and then mark them as read on the sever. When I am mobile, I can use the Reeder app on my iPad to access the same Fever server, read the unreads and mark them as read from there. That way everything stays in synch. Is this possible?


DEVONthink Pro (Office) can only download & display the feeds but not yet mark them as read on the server.

Bummer. Is that a feature that might be added easily/shortly/in the next update?


It’s unlikely at least in the near future.

Any update or timeline on adding this functionality?

Still not planned as this was the only request so far.