DTP behaving strangely

DTP has started behaving strangely recently. In 3-pane view I select a document from the list in the top-right pane and it displays in the pane below as expected. The third time I try doing this, however, nothing happens, i.e., the selected document is not displayed in the pane below, and I can no longer select any other document because DTP seems to be frozen (although not completely, since I can still access the menu bar). I quit and restart DTP, only to encounter the same problem, always on the third selection of a document in 3-pane view. (It doesn’t seem to happen in 2-pane view.) Verifying, optimizing, and rebuilding the database make no difference.

What could be causing this behaviour? (My database is quite small, only about 500 files and 150 MB.)


Hi, Rolf. That’s a rare bug that (I think) will be corrected in a future release.

The only solution is to close the “frozen” view by pressing Control-W. Then reopen that view and it will work properly.

As you noted, other open views are not affected – just one window becomes non-responsive.

Thanks for the prompt response. It’s a relief to know that it is not a problem directly related to my database.