DTP crashing when looking at the grabbed Web content

I’m using Tiger (10.4.11) and Devon Think Pro 1.3. I’ve just realized there was a version 1.5 out there and I’ll be upgrading soon I guess :slight_smile:

My DTP crashed/locked itself after trying to view some grabbed web contents which has never happened before.

Please see the two images/screenshots I’ve taken here:


Each time I’ve tried to view this content the DTP crashed/locked itself by displaying the beach ball and nothing else but Force quit would do.

I’ve created a new database and went to the same website, did exactly the same as the previous time (btw, I selected some text and images and went to the Services menu where I chose the “take rich note”) and this time everything was as it should be.

My main database where the problem happened is a bit vulnerable now, isn’t it? I’ve tried to get rid of this note but nothing worked. Whatever I did - clicking to view or right click would just lock up the DTP again.

Please advise. Thanks.

Yes, upgrade to version 1.5. There are still some bugs in Apple’s WebKit that cause problems with some WebArchive files.

You will have no problems capturing content from a Web page as a rich note, including selected text/images.

To delete a problem WebArchive, simply switch to a view that doesn’t require its display when the document is selected, e.g., the Columns view. Then select and delete it.

Hello Bill!
Thank you, problem solved with your kind help.

On my way to installing the 1.5 update and looking forward to an even more stable DTP.

Best wishes for a prosperous year of 2008 to all!