DTP - Find does not find

I have a bookmark in DTP. I know that. This is the one-> codeweavers.com/products/pricing/

I search for Code. Nope. CodeWeavers; nope
I search for Pricing. Yes.

My search criteria (drop down of Find) are: All/All Words/Fuzzy/Database

I must be able to know that the search engine is reliable. What is wrong?

Thanks for your support.


When I perform the same search I get no results when searching for ‘code’.

Using ‘codeweave’ pulls up the url as does ‘codeweavers’ and ‘Codeweavers’.

Searching on ‘.com’ and ‘www’ also pulls up the proper url.

Performing a similar search using the name limiter also produces similar results.

Strange indeed.

Thanks for trying.

Well, interesting that you also found this intrieging.

When trying: “code” I get a lot of hits, but not this one

When trying: “codew” or “CodeW”, nothing is found

So: what is happening - well, I don’t know either…

I have sent a note to the support-address as well. They are very quick and diligent.


did you try »operator = phrase«?

Thanks, for your reply, but could you explain a bit more in depth. I don’t understand.


you will open the find-window (command-shift-f) and choose the operator »phrase«

the dtp help says:

i tried with »phrase«, entered »codew« and succeeded in finding »codeweaver«.

Thankssss!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, now I have understood what I did not understand before. Thought that “any word” was enough as an “operator”.

And it works!!
Thanks again!