DTP = Folder Terminator ??

Observations during iterative testing

Why when deleting a path (link to a pdf stored in disk and import in DTP) with the option “delete on disk” - DTP , if the pdf is the last in the folder, DELETE the containing folder => not very sympathic (the folder is attached to a action script and is aliased) - conclusion the delete button become very dangerous for folders… => and need to recreate folder/links/aliases…

Hope a update soon…

It’s actually a feature that DT deletes empty folders when deleting external files too (by moving them to the trash). That’s often quite useful to handle external stuff (especially as v1.1 will improve & simplify indexing & synchronizing), I’m not sure if this should be “fixed” but v1.1 will probably disable this.

The best thing is to have an option if you think because it is understandable that an app trash a folder which is not created by this app… (I spent a little time to discover why the folder (with folder actions and aliases) is disappeared…)

Thank you for the suggestion but we try to avoid too many options - that’s why v1.1 will remove some confusing commands/options to simplify things (without losing much flexibility).