DTP for NAS use?

Ok, disclosure: I am a DUMMY. Just started looking at DTP, having bought a license as it looked promising :slight_smile:

If there is a good place for me to go to learn and not bug you guys with stupid questions, then please tell me.

I am using a MacBook Pro with a 27" Cinema Display and connected to a NAS on my LAN, which is where my working documents are kept. The MBP has an SSD, which is fast but size is constrained.

My first question is: How can I use DTP to index my files on the NAS under, say “Suppliers” folder, WITHOUT DTP creating a copy of every document that is on the NAS, in its own local data folder under? I am happy for it to create the database tables and indices, I just don’t want every file ingested to the local drive!

Further more, if I see a file via DTP and want to rename it, I would like DTP to go and rename the file in its original location on the NAS. Is this possible?

If not, then DTP is not suitable for me at the current time.

Thanks in advance,

E.g. via File > Index… or by dragging & dropping the folder to DEVONthink while pressing the Command & Option modifier keys.

That’s possible. However, folders can’t be renamed that way.

Maybe start here: search.php

I recall in that past two weeks along there have been extensive postings about learning about DEVONthink. This is one of the most active forums I’m aware of, and worth the time to browse deeply in to its threads, use the search features. Also, explore DEVONthink’s tutorials, read the books and blogs written about the product and its uses, and so on…

At least for support-centric forums, this one has sustained a higher signal-to-noise ratio than others (especially when more active) I’ve participated on.