DTP Interface

Hi Everyone,

Haven’t posted here in a while. But since I just installed Yosemite this morning, and I’m setting it up (I did a clean install), I’m wondering something about DTP: Are there plans for an overhaul of the interface?

Please don’t get me wrong: I love DTP and I’ve had it for many years now (almost four, I think…or something like that). I rely on it still quite a bit, but the interface seems very much out of phase with how Mac OS X has been progressing.

I know that this doesn’t matter to many people, and that is fine. And it isn’t a deal breaker for me either (particularly since I rely on it and love it so much for what it can do). But I am curious if there are plans to beautify the interface at all at this point. It just seems very cluttered and a bit crazy with stuff all over the place and not meshing with the rest of OS X as it is today.

I totally agree with. Longer overdue for an overhaul of the interface.

Personally I’m not sure why the constant need to “update” an interface.

If it works well, (and DTPO works very well considering the complexity of this software), then why fix what ain’t broken?

How much time do we then waste “re-finding” what we already knew, but has since been cunningly disguised in the name of fashion…

DTPO looks easy on my eye.

Totally agree. Fashion has a lot to answer for!

I think the DT interface is a little ungainly, but one of the “problems” is that DT does so much. I can imagine some “better” interfaces, but nothing comes to mind (besides the Microsoft ribbon approach) that would dramatically improve access to features and make everyday operation more efficient for me. I am sure there are plenty of people who would bristle at seeing a ribbon at the top!

At some point, in order to simplify or “clean up” the interface, software companies (you know who you are) get rid of features or stop developing them. This is one of the reasons why I work so much with DT – it emphasizes function over form. I’m tired of using apps that can’t handle work at large scale, so I do hope that DT spends its time working more on features than fashion.

It looks a bit better these days on Yosemite, by the way. I’m happy with it :slight_smile: If I were going to pick some nits, I’d say there is a slightly uncomfortable mix of flat elements (the navigation and view icons) and skeumorphic ones (the inspector icon, folders, trash, etc.), but I really, truly don’t want the team to waste time on these if it means less time going into improving the app’s features.