DTP is indexing geographical locations - how can I stop that?


DTP 3.9 is trying to index geographical locations of notes that I put into my DTP database. I would like to stop that, because a) it‘s futile (no need to know where I was when I entered the note into DTP) and b) this indexing keeps DTP apparently from syncing with DT Mobile and from being able to exit the program.

I searched in the forum, but to no avail. Does anyone know how to switch it off? I cannot find anything about this feature.

Many thanks for any help!


This thread is just a few below yours. It seems to be an ongoing issue.

Thank you! I am using German language, so the precise wording in English escapes me, hence the search didn’t turn it up. Now I found it - sort of glad others have the problem, too! :grimacing:

How did you add them to the database? On the Mac or using DEVONthink To Go? In addition, which version of macOS do you use?