[DTP]: Links to other DT databases

I don’t know if this has already been considered but when we get to version 2.0 of DTP (or even before) it would be really, really useful to have the ability to easily create links to other DT databases or to items within those databases. This would greatly facilitate navigation through multi-database setups. Maybe this is already possible? I admit I haven’t tried this yet.

I also like this idea


I suspect we would all agree with your suggestion, but I doubt that linking to items in other DTPro databases is likely to be available soon.
You can set up something of a workaround by storing some content externally to DTPro and linking (rather than importing) from more than one database.
I realize this is not at all the same thing, but it might suit your purpose if you don’t need to edit the documents too often.


It is actually possible to create links to a DT database. Just use


then open the info dialog using

Tools->Show Info

and set the Path to the location of the DT database you want to link to.