DTP/nvALT shortcut conflict?

I’ve just been trying out the Markdown features in DTP. As long as I use the menus or click on the icons it all works fine, but when I use the ⌥⌘P shortcut to change views, it switches over to nvALT. If nvALT isn’t running, then it works properly, but I usually have nvALT running – and I imagine that isn’t uncommon for people who use Markdown.

Is there any way to customise the shortcut to avoid the conflict?

Change the “Bring-to-front Hotkey” setting in nvALT’s Preferences > General.

Thank you!

I don’t know how I missed that — but maybe the question will be useful to someone else who missed it too :slight_smile:. I have an Apptivate shortcut set up for nvALT, so I never use that one: I just turned it off.

Finding keyboard shortcut conflicts can be a pain. There’s a small bit of help available in the conflict display in System Preferences > Keyboard. Another option is using KeyCue or CheatSheet – the former is very pricey for what you get. It shows all the shortcuts for the app that has the focus, but not all other active shortcuts on the machine. CheatSheet is free and does similarly.

I have the demo version of KeyCue, which did help me to see the conflict, but I didn’t find where to change it. At some point in searching through all the options in DT and nvALT my eyes glazed over :blush: .

I’ll have to have a look at CheatSheet.

Thanks again for your help.