DTP Office with iPhoto

I would like to index my iPhoto in DTP Office and can not work out how to do it. I know how to index photos that are not in iPhoto but how do I go about indexing those in iPhoto? Any help gratefully received. Thanks.

Your images are stored in the iPhoto Library database at ~/Pictures/iPhoto Library.photolibrary/Masters – the folder structure makes sense to iPhoto but will possibly be less than useful for you. In order to see the contents of iPhoto Library you need to control click it and choose Show Package Contents from the menu.

Be aware that it is possible to inadvertently modify files or folders that you’ve indexed in DEVONthink. If you modify the contents of the iPhoto database, then iPhoto will either work differently than you intended, or, worst case, your iPhoto database could be rendered unusable.

Thanks Korm, perhaps not the best idea then! Is there a way, then that I can reference photos in DTP without importing them? The situation is that I have a genealogy database in DTP Office organised so that every person for whom I have a document has his/her Group and scans of their documents are in their Group. I like using iPhoto for photographs as I can edit and have slide shows set up, but I would like to ‘see’ the photographs in DTP as well. I suppose I can just drag & drop them all into DTP but would that not simply duplicate the photographs using a lot of disc space?

In OS X 10.5+, if you use File > Import > Files and Folders… and scroll down to the bottom of the sidebar of the file display that opens, you’ll see the standard OS X media browsers:

This also works for File > Index (I didn’t realize it would). So that’s a better alternative to what I mentioned above … though with the same caveat about indexed documents. With the Media Browser, you can index entire iPhoto events by clicking the first image in the event, but apparently not entire iPhoto albums (short of selecting all the images in that album).

Wow there’s the tip of the week-never knew this was possible! Thanks for posting this korm.

Thanks very much for this, that seems to do the job fine. I am again amazed at the great support that this board is — especially the great responses you always come up with. Cheers:-)