DTP reading Apple's "Pages" files?

Am I right that the current version of DTP cannot read files saved in Apple’s Pages format? Lately that’s my processing program of choice. Will the next version of DTP correct this?


Pages documents are proprietary files, therefore they’re not supported. That might change in V2 or if Apple adds support for Pages to Mac OS X (as some rumors claim for Mac OS X 10.5)

Mike, I use Pages a great deal for final formatting of stuff from DT Pro, and for writing projects.

If I want to include the text/images/links of a Pages 2.x file in my DT Pro database, I’ll select File > Export. Choose the PDF option; I usually reduce quality to Good to make the file smaller.

Pages 2.x retains working hyperlinks in a PDF created using the Export as PDF option. The PDF can then be captured into DT Pro using either the Import or Index mode.

By the way, anyone needing to convert rich text documents to MS Word format should consider Pages 2.x, as rich text documents copied and pasted into Pages transfer very well (much better than into Word, as the images are handled well by Pages). When finished editing and formatting the Pages document, choose File > Export and choose the MS Word format. Again, any internal hyperlinks and URLs in the Pages document remain working in the exported Word document.