DTP strategies with an iPod touch?

I have read some posts on using iPods (classic I guess) for carrying a database around, and about using the server capabilities of DTPO on an iPhone/iPod touch. Some posts have also requested for a portable (iPod-searchable) version of DTP (perhaps after DTP2 jumps from its beta stage)…

I wonder if you guys want to share your experiences & tips on using your databases in an iPod touch, not necessarily via the server access, but carrying the actual database with you (while we wait for a portable version for these devices in the future).


Interesting topic, though I can’t imagine carrying and using a large database on my iPod touch…at least not very efficiently. But I’m open to changing my mind since it might be useful in some fieldwork situations.

I’m using the DTPO web server through my iPod Touch (with 1Password remembering the userid/password). It works, but it’s not ideal. I’d like some way of syncing the database, part of a database, or parts of multiple databases on to the iPod Touch.

Because of this need, I use EagleFiler to capture most web pages combined with the SugarSync so I can pull down parts as I want them.

The ideal solution would be to have an iPhone app for DEVONThink Pro that would interact with the web server (more elegant than in safari) but also which could pull certain marked content down for local storage.