DTP stripping content out of Word docs

I’ve had an odd thing happen the past few days. When I’ve gone to open a Microsoft Word attachment in one of the emails I’ve stored in Devon Think Pro Office, the file is corrupted. When I go back to the file in my email client, it’s fine.

Because I’ve been using DTP to dump emails for current projects, finding out what’s the cause of this is a top priority for me.

I’m using DTPO 2.3 with Apple Mail in Lion. Anyone have any suggestions?

Does anyone from the Devon team have any advice on this?

I’m surprised at your lack of response.

I can’t replicate any change to a .docx email attachment in a Mail message that’s been captured to DEVONthink.

Whether I open the attachment by double-clicking on it (after clicking the ‘Text Alternative’ icon in the navigation bar above the document content pane), so as to directly open it under Word, or by selecting it and dragging the attachment to a desired database and group in the Groups & Tags panel (so as to import it into the database) and then opening it under Word, the original Word document remains intact.

Note: The Quick Look display of Word documents in DEVONthink isn’t faithful to the layout and appearance of the document when opened under Word. Likewise, the rich text view of a Word document isn’t a faithful representation of the document as viewed in Word. But that’s not corruption or change of the document content.

I wish Microsoft would improve the Quick Look display plugin for Word. It’s pretty bad. Compare it, for example, to the Quick Look plugin for Pages documents, which quite faithfully displays a document as it would look when opened by the Pages app.