DTP sync groups slow to update

Having bought DTTG I am really pleased with it. Syncing is flawless for me - I have two databases and an iPad which, so far, does exactly what I want it to do, though I must admit that I can’t wait for the update that allows me to edit, move docs etc, but, for now, well done!

Back on DTP I decided that I want ALL my data to sync with my iPad (I have 60GB so real space concerns) so I moved everything (except e-books and email) into the sync group. It sync’d quickly but now, when I add a group within the sync group or just add a file it takes ages to appear in the view pane, where as doing so outside the sync folder is instantaneous. If I switch databases and then switch back I can see it but there seems to be a problem here.

Is there any reason why all the data cannot be stored within the Sync folder in each database or do I need to replicate the whole database (which is a real bore if I do)?

Has anyone else had a similar problem. The group has 2100 records and is made up of PDFs, word processing files and spreadsheets so nothing too huge.

Which view do you use and how do you exactly add a new group? It might be “just” a display glitch but v2.0.6 will also fix some rare bottlenecks.

It doesn’t seem to matter which view I use - they all take a long time to update.

To add a file to a group I drag the file from, say the desktop and put it into the folder where I want it to be (that is what I am doing at the moment anyway). I also add via right-clicking on a file and “ADD to Devonthink” which also now seems to take a while to update the screen.

Adding a new group I right click within a group and choose New>Group.

I’ve tried to reproduce this but without success - new groups added to the “Sync” group appear immediately in icon/column/split/3-pane views. Could you send a screenmovie (created using QuickTime player) to cgrunenberg - at - devon-technologies.com? Has been anything logged to the system console? Thanks in advance!

Sorry for taking so long to get back.

The problem seems to have disappeared so I guess it must have been a temporary glitch.

I shall let you know if it returns, but thank you for the help anyway.