DTP2.9 synch issues

I have a special situation. Most of which are constrained by my company’s IT policies not necessarily DTP2.9. DTP 2.9 synch works as advertised and quite quickly using Dropbox at home.

But alas, we can can not store or use any cloud services outside the Company fire wall. I need to synch several databases to between a MacBook and a Mac Pro. In the past direct connect worked very well. Now with the upgrade I am having issues.

Here is what I know.

  1. The computers are on the same network in different parts of the building connected by ethernet (not Wifi). They each have are correctly being assigned IPs.
  2. afp and vcn protocols are working. So the machines are talking to each other using other Apple protocols.
  3. Bonjour is not working, I have a feeling ports are being blocked. I can not “see” the machine through DTP. No Bonjour option is available in the client side. Bonjour is turned on (and green) in Preferences screen on the host side.
  4. I thought well since I can share drives with afp perhaps that would help in pointing to the Synch store, but the laptop still is not showing up in the remote window.
  5. The old direct connect option worked flawlessly with the same set up.

Any advice would be appreciated I am very dependent on my DTP 2.x data bases.

Did Bonjour work in the past? Or how did you synchronize?

Did you check that the firewall of OS X doesn’t block DEVONthink? Are the computers connected to a router or hub?

Connecting a machine via AFP/SMB/CIFS would not create a Bonjour connection.

However, if you had a local syncStore on Machine A and connected Machine B via one of these protocols, you could Click the New Local Sync Store on Machine B and point it at the syncStore on Machine A. The downside is you have to have both machines connected for this to work, but it is feasible. Honestly, a syncStore on a flash drive would be an easier option (versus the aforementioned scenario - disregarding the Bonjour discussion).

Sadly we are not allowed to use flash drives either. Data protection is a big deal here no matter how inconvenient.

I am going to work with IT and see if I can get the Bonjour issue fixed (although I a not optimistic). In the mean time I will try using the the method you described using the afp and local sync pointer from B to A. I have the computers connected at the same time every day so this in not a huge inconvenience. I then take the laptop home and work and then bring it in each day and locally sync all of my data to the desktop and repeat the sequence at night. I have script written in Synchronize Pro X! (SPX!) so the whole process takes 3 minutes and follows company policy.

I have always excluded DevonThink from the SPX! synch for the fear that the program would damage the data bases. Although it has been packet safe for all other programs and files. It would be much easier to let SPX! handle the whole sink because as I said I am really only going from one laptop to one desktop each day (no other machines or mobile devices). I suppose I could give it a try as I always also have the DTP files backup to a time machine server. Therefore a restore only takes minutes.

However, my theory has been to let DTP handle it’s on synch. Do you agree? In 2.8 the direct connect worked like a charm.

When using 2.8 I used the direct connect feature (verified the security code) and all worked well. I do not know if DTP 2.8 was using Bonjour in the synch function.

Honestly I am not sure. I plug both machines into ethernet jacks in the building and I can not see where the wires trace after that. I do know they have the same IP backbone.

Yes, I would agree to let Sync do it’s thing, not a third-party app.

I worked for a HUGE multi-national for many years so I’m very familiar with security practices that “infringed on my freedom”. (I also worked IT for some companies and was the guy that infringed on peoples’ freedoms too.) :mrgreen: I used to circumvent IT issues by creating an ad-hoc network between my Macs and Syncing that way. It also worked nicely when Syncing between my Mac and mobile devices too. :smiley:

Computers found via Bonjour could be selected but you could also enter an address. Did you do this? Or did you use a different port that wasn’t blocked by the firewall?