DTP3 upgrade questions

Hello, I’m late to the party, I think…

  1. If I upgrade to DTP3 from DTP2, can I still use iCloud as my sync store?
  2. I see that there is an option to purchase an upgrade, but it looks like this version is not out of beta. Is that true? If so, then what would I be buying?

Thanks, and apologies if these questions are answered elsewhere.

I can answer #1 - yes, you can use iCloud. That’s the one method of sync I’ve tried so far with the beta, and I haven’t noticed any issues.

Thanks Evan.

So it sounds like you haven’t paid to upgrade (yet). I’m guessing I don’t need to right now?

Currently it is in the public beta phase. So feel free to download it and test-drive it without buying an upgrade right away. You will need a license when the public beta ends in Summer 2019.

You can use both but don’t run them at the same time.
I have both installed and opened DevonThink2 databases in v3, just enable sync in v3 and you are good. (yes you can leave v2 sync enabled too)

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Thanks Hens! Two more follow-ups…

  1. I’m assuming the upgrade pricing will be the same in the summer as it is today - do you happen to know?

  2. If I leave DTPO2 on the machine (but not running), do I have to uninstall/reinstall the Mail plugin, PDF Services, etc?


  1. The upgrade pricing is set, not a limited time offer.
  2. It is wiser to run DEVONthink 3 on a separate account, using test or copies of data. Beta software is not intended for production environments or mission critical work. This is your choice how to approach this, but bear in mind it can lead to unexpected behavior that may be a product of having the two apps in the same account, not actual bugs.

This looks amazing! I’m keen to upgrade now to support the development, even though I realise I can wait. But while my student discount gets recognised in the initial upgrade step, by the time I get to the cart the discount has gone:

I have DevonthinkPro (no Office) currently. I see that I upgrade to Devonthink3 (not Pro) for $49 I lose two features: Image Capture and Concordance. I’m right? I think it’s not a good idea.

The new Devonthink3 is amazing and I want to pay for an upgrade. My complaint refers only to the fact that I do not think it is reasonable to pay to lose functions (even if I do not use them). It is a matter of common sense.

You may want to contact our support where we can help you a bit more individually.

apologies, will do that