DTP3: Vanishing tags?

Hello all,
Just opened my main DTPO databases, in which most folders and docs are tagged, in DTP3 for the first time. The tags seem to have vanished. I mean, the tags viewer at the bottom of documents, as well as in the Info panel, is blank. When I open the databases in DTPO again, all the tags are still there (relief…), but they don’t show in DTP3. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something? Thank you for any clarification.

Are these tags assigned to groups or to the documents?

Thanks for the fast reply. They are assigned to groups, and they used to be inherited by documents in DTPO. I just checked on your question, and I realize that the group tags are there, but the nested documents don’t seem to inherit them anymore…

Group tags aren’t inherited anymore to make indexed groups more compatible to Finder tags (due to the tighter filesystem integration of version 3). But maybe we’ll add a hidden preference to reenable this.

Thank you again for the fast clarification.
I do hope you will add the option to reenable this feature! The inheritance of tags, the automatic adding of tags whenever I replicate a document, have been a crucial feature of my workflow for some time now. So losing all the document tags would be a severe blow… That will force me to stick to DTPO until I have the option to (hopefully!) restore all document tags. Please make it happen! Thank you.

Something to consider:

Thank you for bringing that point to my attention. I do get the point.

On the other hand, for folks who don’t have thousands of items in a group but have many files replicated across several groups, the benefit of automated cross-tagging achieved by inherited tags is huge. I deal with thousands of students distributed over the years and over various courses, who deliver various kinds of papers, with whom I communicate in various ways. When I found the feature of inherited tags in DevonThink, I thought it was a prime example of the simple yet brilliant features that characterize this app. I’d be very sorry to see it go in the name of tighter integration with Finder.

Perhaps you could add an opt-in option for advised users who rely on this feature? Thanks again.

I’d be very sorry to see it go in the name of tighter integration with Finder.

Understood, but also note for years we’ve had many people asking for the tighter integration. Balancing these things isn’t always an easy matter. But as Criss noted, he’s considering some things.

I trust you guys to find a balanced solution. Keep up the great work!

Thanks! The support is appreciated. Cheers!

If I may, can I throw in my two cents?

If a hidden preference is added for tag inheritance (which is definitely welcome), can an option to create Finder tags or not for indexed items be added?

I love tags in DT because they can be structured and unique per database, but tags in the Finder can be a mess.

There already is.

Help > Documentation > Appendix > Hidden Preferences > DisableFinderTags.

Note: This also affects the Spotlight index for databases, so you cannot Spotlight search for files with a tags: prefix in the Finder if you use this option.

Does this mean that if I have nested tags, a document with the child tag couldn’t be found under the parent tag?

I’m not sure what you’re referring to here. I am discussing not tagging indexed items and not exporting tags to the databases’ Spotlight index. This is related to tags in the Finder.

Ah. My misunderstanding.

Ahh, the good ol’ help documentation (such a common reply on the forums, doh! :smile:). Thanks for clarifying @BLUEFROG !

No problem! And please do spend some time in the documentation as it’s part of the beta testing… and meant as a persistent handy reference too! :slight_smile:

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