[DTP3b3] Databases get a different status every time the program starts

Hello, I just wanted to say that I have the problem under 10.15.beta that not all databases used during the last program run are opened again with the restart of DTP3, but one or two databases are missing which are then listed under “used databases”. If you double click on the databases, only one of them will be moved back to the “opened” section, if you try to move the second one, only an “error” sound comes from the Mac and you can’t move this database. Only after finishing DTP3 and restarting you can move this locked database and in all probability another database, previously displayed with the status “open”, will now be displayed under “used”.
As far as I could see there is no system behind it when selecting the databases.

Marking the databases as favorites doesn’t help either.



if you try to move the second one,

If you try to move the second one… where and how?

PS: If this is just a test machine, that’s fine but you should not be running a beta operating system on a machine you need to be running normally.

I also try it, as with the first one, by double-clicking. Also the attempt via the menu with “open database” and the selection requester fails.

Only the “first” one reacts to a double click or can be opened via the menu.