DTPersonal to DTPro--which folder?

I’ve just upgraded to Pro and the install went the way it says: a new folder for DTPro in Application Support and Pro automatically finds my Personal database.

But now I have a DevonThink folder (with my database and two backups) and a DevonThink Pro folder (with all the installed folders/files that were installed by Pro, but no database).

Is it possible to move the DevonThink folder with my database into the Pro folder? If I did this, should I keep the database in its current folder, or just move all the database files loosely into the Pro folder?

I’d rather have just one DTPro folder with everything in it to backup, but I don’t want to mess up what Pro is expecting.

Can anyone advise?

Much thanks,
Craig Turner


When DT Pro created a new database by converting your DT Personal database, the new database was saved in your Documents folder.

I recommend against putting anything into the DEVONthink Pro folder in Application Support except the things that DT Pro itself places there automatically. There would be no purpose in putting the DEVONthink personal database into that folder. Nor do you need to backup the DEVONthink Pro folder inside Application Support, as DT Pro would recreate it if it were lost.

Keep your DT Pro databases in your Documents folder, or another location of your choice.

I highly recommend running the script at Scripts > Export > Backup Archive periodically, as it produces a smallest possible and dated backup archive, which you can store elsewhere on your disk (it’s a good idea to keep a recent backup on external media such as a CD, DVD or external drive – just in case).

Dear Bill,

Thanks for the quick reply. Actually, DTPro did not create a folder with my database in it in my Documents folder. But then—ahem—I reread the Read Me and followed the instructions for making a copy of my Personal database and renaming it. Moved it to Documents.

All is fine now in my Documents folder.

Thanks, again,