DTPO 2.06

Hi DEVON-techers:

Just installed the 2.06 update and can report that my iPad sync is working flawlessly, which it has always done for me, from the day DTTG first came out.

The most wonderful thing in the new update is the Spotlight QuickLook support: I have quite a few DT databases on removable discs, and this enables me to search and see whether I want to go to the trouble of mounting them or not.


Best wishes, Charles

Thanks for the feedback! This is interesting because usually this shouldn’t work as Quick Look requires the actual file and supports only common filetypes. Maybe just an already previewed and therefore cached document?

It might also work if the document has a URL and if there’s a preview available in DEVONthink/agent’s shared website snapshot storage.

Yes, my confusion with duplicate copies of documents in different dtbases.


I still like the feature A LOT though!

Best wishes, Charles