DTPO 2.3.1 quitting unexpectedly a lot

I’m scanning various texts/newspaper articles to Searchable PDFs using the Fujitsu ScanSnap S1500M to DTPO 2.3.1 on my iMac running OS X 10.7.2 with 8GB RAM and 300+ GB spare space on the internal drive.

When I need to annotate a scan I open it in Preview and apply a rectangle or some text or both. When I save the file in Preview, the annotations show up in DTPO. But then DTPO quits and I get the usual Reopen option and the advice that this report has been sent to Apple. (Well, it’s happened more than 50 times in the last few days so Apple’s servers are taking a hammering from me.)

If I don’t use Preview to annotate a scan DTPO doesn’t quit.

The database has fewer than 5,000 records, average size less than 1MB, total db size 3.2GB.

I have verified the db (no problems), and optimised it and rebuilt it more than once. Nothing helps.

Is this a well-known bug in DTPO? I usually have up to 20 other apps open while I’m doing all this, and DTPO may be allergic to one or more of them in addition to Preview. Or is there something else I’m doing wrong? Any help/advice gratefully received.

– Tim

That certainly isn’t normal or acceptable.

Please attach a recent DT Pro Office crash log to a message to Support. And please include the information from your forum post. That may provide useful information to diagnose the problem on your computer.

Crash logs may be found by launching Console.app, or at ~/Library/Logs/CrashReporter/.

Thanks, Bill. That’s good to hear (not normal or acceptable). I’ve sent the crash log to Support.

– Tim