DTPO 2.3.5 Mail-Plugin & Mountain Lion

Has anyone had an success installing the DTPO Mail plugin with Mountain Lion? I’ve never had any problems in the past with the plugin and point-one updates, but the Lion>Mountain Lion upgrade appears to be a problem.

What are the symptoms?

When I first launched Mail.app 6.0, I saw this:

Then when I tried reinstalling the plugin from DEVONthink (Install Add-Ons), I saw this:

Trouble is that Mail had been set up and used before running Install Add-Ons.

Same probem here. The Plugin is incompatible I guess with the new version of Mail. I’m getting the same error messages.

The Safari Extension seems to be working OK.

I second everyone’s emotion. Need to update the plugin for ML 10.8.

Just as a PSA, the Omni Group has posted this fix to get the OmniFocus clip-o-tron to work with Mountain Lion. In the Terminal, run:

defaults write com.apple.mail EnableBundles -bool YES

What does this have to do with DEVONthink? Running this command will now allow the DEVONthink plugin to be installed. However, actually running the plugin on an email message will lock up Mail.app. It does look like a fix from DEVONthink will be needed.

Same effects here as well. Looks like we need a fix from DevonTechnologies.


Does not fix the issue!

That’s what I said.

Same issue. Watching topic.

Same effects here as well.


Similar here. Upgraded to OS X 10.8, fired up DTPro Office to be faced with:

Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:

DEVONthink Mail Import Support

Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 6.0 and Message 6.0.

Luckily only upgraded my MBP and not my main machine running DTPro.

Fix needed ASAP!!!

Though we cannot give an exact date of release, our developers are diligently working to get it working again. Thanks for your patience.

I can’t tell you how disappointing this is. DevonThink is a premium product that I rely on daily as part of my work flow. The betas of Mountain Lion have been out for some time and I would like to understand when this will be ready. I think you owe it to customers to commit to a date.

Thanks for the update, Bluefrog. Glad to know somebody is on it.

Pending a maintenance release with an updated Mail plugin, users can import email messages by:

File > Import > Email….

Drag & drop


File-import-email doesn’t work, just re-installed to make sure, if you want the specific details of what I am seeing it is

*** -[NSDistantObject methodSignatureForSelector:]: remote object does not recognize selector: ‘messageStore’

that being said I had no idea you could Drag and Drop, did I miss that in the instructions?? that is pretty cool as a work-around, means I have to leave Full Screen mode but that I can live with as you guys toil


You don’t need to leave full screen mode. From Mail, you can drag the email to DEVONthink’s icon in the Dock, or start dragging the email while you command-tab to DEVONthink, then drop the email on the destination group.

Splendid, you are right of course so thanks for reminding me!

Are there any other compatibility issues with DT and ML? I don’t use Mail anyway.