[DtPO 2.6.1] Info window confusion

After using Move/Duplicate/Replicate To commands under the context menu while the Info window is open, details for a different item than whatever’s now selected are usually displayed there. It’s easy for me to reproduce using Move To with a single item selected. Only tested in List View.

Should the Info window retain input focus after using Data > Reveal from it? And should Reveal select a single “last” item from a multi-item selection?

I can reproduce this in 3-pane with a contextual Move To, not with Duplicate To or Replicate To.

I would expect Info to

  1. On Move To then “move” with the moved item and keep the focus on that item
  2. On Replicate To and on Duplicate To keep on the focus on the starting-point item that was had the focus (the “original”?)

IOW, the thing I focused on should be the thing Info focuses on until I move the selection myself – so in the case #1, Info would be doing an implicit Reveal.

Thanks for testing that.

Should the Info window have focus when its explicitly opened/selected, but lose it after using Reveal?

I think so.

Me, too, for quickly operating on the revealed/selected item(s)… or maybe just a single item since Reveal currently never seems to select more than one. Command-` can be used to cycle from the Info window to the revealed item but will never return to Info.

Thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this.