[DtPO 2.6.1] text field editing/focus misbehavior

In Columns view, the Escape key doesn’t cancel editing in Name, URL, and other editable text fields like it does in other views.

Also, why does the Tab key make the URL instead of Name field editable (in relevant views) for the selected item? And if the URL field isn’t visible then Tab cycles between a selected item and toolbar search field. I tried replicating this using other fields besides URL but it seems specific to that one.

Thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this.

Will Tab key behavior remain unchanged? It’s confusing to remember when it’s purposed for field editing focus (with peculiar favor to the URL field) or field cycling in contexts where both can be valid.

The Tab key is used by various views (e.g. web or plain/rich text views) in different ways, therefore it’s usually only useful within the context of one view. (Shift-) Ctrl-Tab is currently recommended to switch between panes/views.