DTPO 2.7.6 & Markdown

Love the ability to clip in Markdown in DTPO 2.7.6 But is it only possible to clip the whole webpage?

One of the standout features of DT has been the ability to clip snippets of text, which keeps note-taking focused and light. It would be a pity if Markdown clipping sucked in whole webpages - which is what it seems to do.

Markdown (like PDF documents or web archives) supports currently only complete web pages.

I normally clip the selection as plain text, then convert the document from .txt to .md by adding the ‘.md’ extension in DEVONthink. However, what I would like to do is append the .md extension to the name of the clipping at the time of the clip. Unfortunately, that only adds .md to the document name rather than changing the document type from .txt to .md. Is this behavior something that could be changed?

There’s a hidden preference (“PlainTextIsMarkdown”) to treat all plain texts as Markdown, maybe that could be useful?

I use the PopClip extension WebMD by [Brett Terpstra](brettterpstra.com/projects/brett … xtensions/) to copy part of a web page with all the headings, links etc. converted to Markdown. This puts the marked-up text on the Clipboard, and then I have to move focus to DEVONthink and execute Cmd-N to copy it.

It would be great to have a Service like Take Plain Note and Take Rich Note that did it all in one step.

Yes, this is exactly what I’m after.